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The Third When

After twenty years of living with failure in Norma’s personal and professional life, the Lord invited her to fast. After completing a 21-day Daniel fast, she received her first major breakthrough.

In Matthew 6, Jesus revealed three crucial “whens” for a fulfilling life-giving, praying, and fasting. While the first two are well-known, the driving force to ignite spiritual transformation comes from The Third When.

When done with purpose, fasting has the power to silence the enemy, align your spirit with God’s will, and propel you toward success. By sacrificing temporary pleasures, you open yourself up to become more like Christ. It’s the spiritual weapon used by Jesus to persevere in his mission. Now, with The Third When, you can harness its power, too.

This book will guide you through the process of fasting. Sacrificing food opens the door to gaining more, deepening connection with God. Live a life of purpose, significance, and increase your spiritual potential with The Third When – Fasting for the Win in Every Area of Life.

Meet the Author, Norma S. Williams

Norma S. Williams is a highly celebrated and accomplished businesswoman, motivational speaker, and loving mother. With a passion for empowering and mentoring women of all ages, her interior design and construction enterprise has served as a transformative vessel, touching the lives of countless individuals.

Her unwavering dedication to spreading the gospel and imparting the liberating truth of Christ has earned her a reputation as a dynamic and impactful communicator, reaching audiences far and wide.

Norma calls Crown Point, Indiana, her home and cherishes the memories and relationships she has built with her three grown children. She is a shining example of a life lived with purpose and passion, inspiring others to step into their own unique callings and leave a lasting legacy.