the third when book cover "the winning when of fasting"

The Third When

The Winning When of Fasting

Jesus gave us three “when’s” in Matthew 6. The first two are the most talked about; giving and praying, respectively. But it’s that Third When that brings fire to the flesh and ignites the possibility to grow deeper and live more provocatively for Christ. It’s the When Jesus used to shut the mouth of the enemy and pursue His mission with perseverance and success. It worked for Him and it will work for you, too. Fasting opens door, releases faith, aligns our spirits and allows us to win! It’s the Winning When!

Meet The Author, Norma S. Williams

Norma S. Williams is an award-winning entrepreneur, mother, speaker and now author. Her interior design and construction business has been a conduit to empower and mentor women in every season of life. She utilizes her platform to bring the gospel and freedom of Christ in tangible ways.

Norma lives in Crown Point, IN and has 3 grown children.